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A Woman of Contrasts

I was in Bellevue, Washington for the past two weeks.  I was celebrating a friend’s birthday.  It was also, a celebration of my own.  The last time we celebrated our Birthday’s we were EIGHTEEN years-old!!  There are a LOT of … Continue reading

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Released from Caged Status or the SKILLED NURSING FACILITY

The last few days have been particularly scary.  The insurance (Medicare) on Monday decided that I would have made enough progress by Wednesday to go home.  Alone.  Without having looked at anything more than my speed of progress at being … Continue reading

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Disgusting Your Kids or Evil Mom

My daughter recently started a blog post.  After reading one of her first posts I had no choice but, to respond in kind.  I am absolutely certain my post on her blog will gross her out so badly she will … Continue reading

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Hiding In Plain Sight

How many ways can I loose the bird?  However, many it is I just added one more.  I was watching TV (the norm) when I realized the room was actually too quite.  It took me a moment to figure out … Continue reading

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Porta-Cath RemoveD

Porta-Cath REMOVED today. Damn thing has to be surgically implanted. Yet, it was removed as in-office procedure! I was so freaked out about being awake during it I took 15 mg of Oxycodone. Which, I had leftover from about a … Continue reading

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Driving Me…

Today was my first post-treatment Doctor’s appointment.  It was not to make a determination of whether the chemoradiation did its job.  Today’s point was to check my progress, health, and needs. My white and red blood counts are low.  The … Continue reading

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I FUCKING LOVE Medications!!

As anyone reading this knows I have been having a TERRIBLE time with intestinal cramping for nearly two weeks now.  Not that I am ahead of schedule or anything but, I was told by one of the RN’s at the … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Race Lost or Won

Depends on who you were backing. Wednesday: The day started out in a drugged fog from using the medication properly to help me sleep from the evening before.  1mg Lorazepam at 10:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. still awake.  Watching TV and twisting … Continue reading

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Are Your Ears Bleeding, Yet?

Thursday (yesterday) my friend E picked me up to take me to my daily radiation appointment.  By the time she arrived at 8:00  o’clock A.M. I had already been up since shortly after 4:00 o’clock A.M.  Tried to fall back … Continue reading

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Profound Exhaustion

I had no idea, prior to this past week, what the term “Profound Exhaustion” might mean.  As the new mother of two children 25 months apart I was sure I did know what “profound exhaustion” meant. NOw, I realize there … Continue reading

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