Culture Shock!

Pretty severe.  The hospital was so clean and bright and caring and organized and clean and DELICIOUS food and an easy and effective method allowing the patient to choose the right foods for a diabetic.

Right before the surgery my Blood Glucose (BG) tested by a test called an A1C.  The short version is this test somehow measures the average BG in the blood over a three-month period.  Which, is a lot easier than testing it every month then, averaging out the value to arrive at a number.  Who designs these tests and how to do them?  Do the people who research this stuff have a mean streak?  Telling me I have a problem I did not even know of or want to know was not a very nice thing to do.  Even if it turns out to be a life saver.   Imagine my four-year-old self feet firmly apart and hands planted on my waist with a scowl on my face.

I have been “pre-Diabetic” for several years.  I admit I eat too many carbohydrates (sugar).  Sugar and fats are so GOOD even if slightly too much can be bad for some of us. (Still pouting.)  Preparing for the surgery required a full “work up” to see what other problems or issues might impact the surgery itself and healing.

I don’t know if it was stress or what.  But, my A1C was scary high.  Surgery delaying high.  I worked the week prior to surgery with an Endocrinologist to get the BG down.  Which, worked.

I am five days post-surgery.  I was transferred into a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF).  Not the top choice.  But, I had been told it was a good place.  WRONG!!!!  I was brought over from the hospital to the SNF.  The SNF was aware I was coming in sometime Wednesday.  A bed was waiting for me Thursday.  The ride over in a wheel chair transport was difficult.  Watching the road as we were driving triggered vertigo in a big way.  I breathed hard and deep hoping to prevent giving into the nausea in my stomach. [Note:  The following sentence was written in a state of exhaustion before, I realized how bad I felt]  I Îfdv

The food in here is made for those with no taste, nor taste buds.  I have requested no “tomato products.”  Unless, a tomato is hidden in a Five Guys Cheeseburger (or other equally good burger) I really do not like tomatoes.  However, in this SNF, Jane, the Registered Dietician, tried to convince me that the reason I get tomatoes on EVERY SALAD EVERY DAY is because, the kitchen staff may not consider a “tomato” as a “tomato product.”  HUH???

Apparently, she mistook my incredulity as acceptance.  She was wrong and I was very clear in telling her so.  The kitchen is run by a Dietician Tech.  Supposedly, they have a “Chef” not just a “Cook”.  I do not believe that either.  Proof is in the over cooked tasteless mush we are fed.

I asked Jane (real name. I refuse to use a false name in complicity to cover up the problems.) if it were possible to “Blanch” (not Golden Girl, Blanche Devereaux the self-aware openly sexual woman) vegetables so they are not mushy.  Jane said there are patients that have trouble swallowing so overcooking helps them.  As does, she says, the gravy on nearly everything they serve.  Except for the “scrambled” baked eggs.  Which, are actually acceptable.  Good?  No.  But, good enough.

If the dietary team here considers itself acceptable they are WRONG!

Breakfast went fine.  So little to look forward to.  Lunch was so-so and dinner a disaster.  Though, Jane did come back to visit me this afternoon and I was able to show her the problem.  A shitty kitchen.

Most of the staff are pretty good to wonderful.  That is HUGE.  There is no such thing as modesty in a hospital or a skilled nursing facility.  Just spoke to an RN who confirmed that “half this floor are diabetic.”  She agreed that there is “no Diabetic Diet here.”  I knew that.  I told her what Jane had said about tomatoes and she was incredulous.  We laughed.  You know one of those I cannot believe this insanity and yet, here I am in the middle of it becoming more insane from it situations.  We both shook our heads and harrumphed as she left offering me any help I might need.

My BCG after refusing the “Salmon Noodle Casserole” and the two so-called “fruit juices” which, are not allowed on my food trays was 98.  That was because, I ordered a cheese tray and ate the Chevre a friend had brought me several days ago.  This is when my blood sugars are good.

Hell, even I do not believe I can eat better in here feeding myself than I can at home.

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Day 3 Post-SSCD Surgery

Thursday.  Surgery was Monday.  I am in very little pain.  I am still taking minimal pain meds to insure the pain stays at a low-to-zero pain.  I have found out that I cannot open my mouth to allow a large bite of salad.  I cannot turn my head too far to the right or left which, still leaves me with quite a large range of motion considering these limitations.

I spoke to my doctor about the limitations and pains regarding the right side of my head.  My surgeon pointed out that the large chewing muscle, the Transmastoid, was pulled, held out-of-the-way and he had to make a “small cut” to it.  No wonder it hurts in certain circumstances.  I am grateful I am able to move at all considering how intrusive the surgery was.

I feel I am getting incredible care from all hospital staff.  The Case Manager began looking into finding me a placement into a Skilled Nursing Facility.  Apparently, my first choice is unavailable.  Frowny face.  They are still looking into the next option.  I have no clue when I could find out what is happening and where I am going.  Lack of solid information and timing is, I believe, understandable.  That was my way of validating my anxiety.

I have found out I am not allowed, for good reason, to sneeze, cough, blow my nose, bend over, lift.  I found out the hard way about not blowing my nose.  Because, I had to yesterday afternoon.  BLOWING was an automatic response to a full nose from having cried for a short time.

BIG MISTAKE!  I was immediately sorry I had and scared about the repercussion of negative impact on the surgical procedure.  I was absolutely certain the right side of my head had just split apart and was flying at a massive speed across the room.  I called in a nurse to take a look into my ear.  Right, like she could see through my eardrum into the very inner workings of my ear where the surgery site is.  She was very kind in humoring me and said she found nothing.  Which, did make me feel better

I reported this event to my surgeon later that day.  He strongly reiterated the importance of NOT doing that again.  No more crying for me, then.  I don’t know about you but, when I cry my nose flows like a lake having just breached the dam.  It ain’t pretty like just dabbing a small tear at the corner of an eye. I am a gusher.

I do still hear my heartbeat in my ear.  It is a lot like a doppler effect.  The sound is cyclically louder then, quieter as if it were moving away from me.  I am not sure this particular issue is better or worse than before.  Hmm.

My blood glucose levels are reducing.  Whew.  Apparently, taking steroids commonly raises blood glucose levels requiring insulin shots.  My fingers are all dotted with little red marks from the many, many finger pricks for blood testing over these few days.  I do like the fact that diabetes insulin needles are very fine and are nearly imperceptible.  Especially, since I am getting them three to four times a day.  As the level of steroids are being reduced so are the blood glucose numbers reducing.  Monday through Wednesday morning the BCG numbers hit 385 then, in the high 200’s.  This morning the BCG was a completely normal 120.  Still getting intermediate acting insulin as long as I am still on the steroids.  But, I am being tapered down from the higher dosages to nothing by Saturday.

I am still taking a minimum dose of Oxycontin to make sure I do not have pain break through.  I will be glad to feel my outer ear again at some point.  Maybe the doppler scream will stop soon, as well.  Until, then, here I am.

Surprised how tired writing this has made me.  Hmmm, maybe it has something to do with the drugs.

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Post-Operation SSCD +

Sunday my friend, E, arranged a pre-operation luncheon for me with a large group of friends.  At first, I thought maybe half a dozen people, at most, would show up.  E picked me up to take me to the luncheon.  On the way we were talking about who was invited.  She told me that TWENTY RSVP’d.  TWENTY???  Really, did you say TWENTY?  At this point I am crying.  No kleenex, no napkins, no paper towels.  Whose cars do not have ANY of these things?   Especially, since she has two young grandsons who are normally messy.   I must say that I tried not to sniff the snot back into my nose.  Because, it makes me profoundly dizzy.  But, I HAD to.

I was truly shocked.  I had no idea so many people cared about me.  I can be a very prickly and frustrating person.  I know this about myself.  Yet, I cannot seem to be completely non-prickly and frustrating.  I believe I am better than years past.  I was SO glad to see everyone there.  It was heartwarming.  I was very happy these special people showed up to express their support of me.  For example, one man in attendance had jumped to help me out on the last day of my 30th round of radiation in 2013 when my son called me tearful and upset that my car would not run.  I cannot recall but, I think he had been hit from behind.  I had a very short time to make my last appointment.  So called L’s house to ask L1 if she could drive me.  She was very sorry but, was already on her way to an appointment she could not miss.  She handed the phone to L2 who said he would, without hesitation, come and pick me up and drive me.  I know how much my son wanted to be there with me as he had been throughout that previous incredibly difficult period in my life.  It was L2 who came to both myself and my son’s rescue then, was there today, too.

So many of these people have been important to my life in one way or another over the past 6-ish years.  I suppose in many ways we have each been there for one another good and not-so-good.  A two way path of life.

Today is one day post-op.  According to the surgeon the surgery went well.  He drilled into my transmastoid.  It is a low part of the skull just behind the ear.  I am doing well.  The pain is minimal.  Mostly.  As long as I have minimal pain medications.  I still have tinnitus.  I hope it will ultimately go away.  There is no guarantee. I look forward to learning how to walk unaided again.  I need to learn how to negotiate stairs.  The up stairs and especially the down.

A cut was made behind my ear where the ear cup ends and the head begins.  It will be a scar that will be unseen by anyone who does not already know the situation.  Very little hair had to be shaved.  Even though, looking closely at the stitches today, my daughter did not even realize the hair had been shaved.  The doctor used the bone dust from drilling (too gross?) into the skull bone and cartilage and mixed it with some waxy substance to plug the hole.  They call it “Bone Pate‘”.  How tasty.  Then, he cut a little slice of cartilage from the inside of the same ear (the Tragus)  to use as “surfacing” over the ˆBone Pate to make a solid separation between the pate’ filled hole and the covering of the brain.  Weird.  So friggin’ weird. This human body.

My son arrived from out-of-state yesterday about 45 minutes prior to my going into the operating room.  Many thanks to E.  She drove me to the hospital to check in. She then, turned around to go to the airport to pick him up and take him to my house.  He put his stuff down, jumped into my car, and drove up to the hospital.  Only getting lost once.  It is a confusing set of multiple medical office buildings, institutes, children’s hospitals, and the main hospital creatively constructed one upon the other in a very confusing campus.  THEN, E RETURNED to the hosipal (purposely misspelled) to sit with my son through the surgery.  Another friend, EM, came up to sit with them throughout, as well.

My son told me this that next morning and I had no recollection.  He and E were able to talk with me in Recovery.  I have NO memory of it.  I was pretty funny.  At least, that is what I hear.

My daughter was not able to get here until, late the night of surgery.  That is because, the surgery was originally scheduled for Tuesday.  Rationally, she purchased her tickets to arrive Monday night in order to be with me Tuesday.  Neither of us imagined I would get a call after that moving my surgery one day earlier.  That being Monday.  AND her flight was delayed by a couple of hours.

The kids were both here the next morning.  Travel, time, and worry weary but, here with me all day.  I was teary.  Clearly, still drugged and a bit funny.  They went to dinner with friends of theirs.  They are trying to see as many as they can in the limited time they are here outside of keeping me company.

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Does this mean he NUKE AMERICANS he does not like?   If so, say good-bye to the New York Times, Washington Post, AP, all REAL news agencies.

Surely, he would nuke Russia.  Well, no.  tRUMP would rather denigrate and ignore the USA Intelligence angencies in FAVOR OF PUTIN/RUSSIA.

I am about to throw up.

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tRUMP is a Dangerous ASS! (Mike Pence, too)

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory.  However, if you need more let me add that the though of him being one of the most POWERFUL MEN IN THE WORLD is consistenly nauseating.

Nothing he says can be relied upon.  Because, everything that comes out of his mouth (interchangeable with his RUMP) he so easily contravenes with another statement on the same subject.  He is the biggest BULLY I have ever encountered.

I am confused how tRUMP

He claims he is a “germaphobe” therefore, Russia could not possibly have videoed him having a Golden Shower Party with hookers.  His claims as to why this is not possible is NOT that he LOVES his WIFE or has ANY ETHICS at all but, claims he is a “germaphobe”.  Right.  If that were true he wouldn’t have a looooonnnnggg history of “grabbing pussy” and kissing women he doesn’t even know and without their permission.  Yeah, you are a germaphobe of the least kind.

As to his claiming that he would not have done the whole hooker thing because, “you know” every hotel has cameras in “EVERY ROOM”.   THEN, EVERY ONE WHO HAS EVER STAYED AT ANY tRUMP PROPERTY CAN SUE HIM FOR INVASION OF PRIVACY.  He did just ADMIT TO INVASION OF PRIVACY IN ALL OF HIS HOTEL.  If and, I hope when, he gets sued for this he will have his own words as testimony against him.  (I can only hope.)

There are so many illegal and immoral actions and statements made by this Orange fake tanned white raccoon eyed weird mouthed megalomaniac tRUMP.  He refuses to live in the “PEOPLE’S HOUSE” THE WHITE HOUSE as a perfect way for him to hide even more of his business dealings.  He refuses to be transparent about anything.

tRUMP ran only to improve his business dealings and stuff his likely empty coffers.  What am I talking about?  Why his refusal to release his tax returns though, insisting it of others including, his own proposed Cabinet picks.


There are so many reasons this ASS must NOT serve as POTUS.  Don’t think Mike Pence is any better.  Between the two of these men the hatered for womBen and people of color, children, and health care is frighteningly nauseating.

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Check out @kharyp’s Tweet:

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Medical Whack-a-Mole

I always think that creating a Title for my posts is the most difficult part of creating any of my posts.  That is my thought each and every time I approach one of these ideas I want to write about.  Should the Title come from a sentence that presents itself within the body of the particular post I am writing?  Does the Title have to be unrelated to any specific sentence I write?  Somehow, I figure it out.  Whether my Titles are good, descriptive, silly, serious or whatever.

On to the real matter of this particular post.  My health.  Actually, my lack of it.  Yet, again. Gigantic sigh and sense of confused frustration.  There is no “Why me?”  There is plenty of “Again?!?”  

Just when I think I am doing relatively okay BANG it happens again.  It.  What is it.  The why is clear.  It just is.  I often talk to my friends about the fact that I should have been put on an ice floe and pushed out into the frozen salt seas of the North long, long ago.  I would have had we not, as a people, had and used the brains some power greater than ourselves set in motion for us to create.  Medicine is an incredibly wide and varied field of helping humans to stay alive long past when many of us should have been culled from the herd by the wolves of cancer, or the lions of the desert tracking the weak from the herd and taking them out of the gene pool.

Yet, again, I am at the back of the herd.  The scene in my head really is graphically vivid of how my human herd is moving from place to place being stealthily tracked by cancer wolves, heart disease lioness hunting for her pack, the yellowish white polar bear with huge paws flopping forward as her long claws grabbing crusted snow and hollow fur strands with her incredible senses of smell and of hearing the smallest sound of illness she pounces into the snow of my body, diving head first to attack and remove that creature from the deep snow with nothing more than her slavering jaws. Leaving blood and strands of muscle and sinew strewn about bright against the white pallet of crusted snow.

Weird,  I suppose I live in the appropriate place for “Keeping Portland Weird.”  My medical history is nothing if not filled with “weird” sets of poor health.  So far, lucky for me, doctors, therapists, mental health counselors, nurses, administrative staff have managed to keep me alive.

Q:  Why am I being kept alive and why do I fight so hard to be sure I am able to continue in this life?

A:  Dunno exactly.  But, it seems to be a requirement put upon me by society that I must seek out the diagnoses for the issues impacting my quality of life and take advantage of all medical applications to repair, correct, remove, replace those bits and shreds of my physical being to continue.  Continue.  Continue.

I emailed my Rabbi to tell her of my newest condition. Her response to me was sincere and supportive.  She expressed that she felt like I was playing a game of “medical Whack-A-Mole.”   So, true.

Getting back to “weird”.  When I was thirteen years-old I was afflicted by Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis, bi-laterally.  This was a disease that NO ONE I KNOW had ever known or heard of.  Even as I grew older and lived around the USA I only came across ONE person who had this same disease.  Weird, right?  Yeah. Weird.

I was attacked by Strep Throat, from as early as I can recall, a couple of times a year until, I was an adult and it slowed to once a year through my twenties waning over three more decades to every other year on to almost never.  Running a fever of 104 or 105 for days at a stretch was horrid!  My sisters and brother lived in the swimming pool every summer right along with me throughout our young lives.  I got “swimmer’s ear” a couple of times a summer.  That hurt my ears so much.  Finally, my pediatrician told Mom to have me put two drops of rubbing alcohol into each ear for a second or so then, tip my ear to allow it to drain out along with all the water to stop the growth of bacteria that caused sharp, constant, stabbing pin-point pain of Swimmer’s Ear.  It worked.  I continue do this today.  I do not recall my siblings ever getting this.  But, as a kid I was pretty self-involved and not more broadly aware of my siblings issues and problems.  So many things.

Anal Cancer.  Seriously, that was weird.  It was weird timing or maybe provident that my doctor happened to notice it had been a long time since I had a colonoscopy.  So, let’s get that done.  Ok.  FOUND – Anal Cancer.  Or was it Rectal?  It was right on the “Pectinate Line (also known as the Dentate or Mucocutaneous Line)” Line making it very hard for weeks to determine whether it was a “line foul” or inside the court of Anal.  Weird.

A week or so ago I was diagnosed with another really weird thing.  I went to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor because, I have been experiencing long-term hearing and pressure problems in my right ear.  I figured it was just collapsed eustachian tubes.  I have had this before.  As an adult.  Usually, it is children who need to have tubes installed into their eardrums.  The eardrum eventually grows closed and squeezes the tube out in about six months.  I should have gone back when the symptoms came on again.  But, I did not.

So, for the past decade or more I have continued to have hearing problems.  My sense of hearing has been reduced and I have am nearly always dizzy (which, I felt when my eustachian tubes had collapsed.).  Over the past decade or so, it has been getting worse.  The sound of my own voice resounds inside my head.  There are certain tones within my own voice that causes me to become so dizzy it instantaneously makes me nauseated.  Like motion sickness.  I NEVER experience motion sickness.  I would see my husband (now ex), my daughter especially, and sometimes my son contending with Motion Sickness.  But, not me.  NEVER.  Which, made this reaction to the sound of my own voice so much more completely weird.

I decided I had to do something about this.  I finally made the appointment to see the ENT.  Prior to seeing the Doctor I was given a hearing test.  You know, the test that requires you to be in a silent area or sound proofed room and they put headphones on your ears and instruct you, “Please, raise your hand every time you hear a tone.  No matter how low or soft the sound.”  I step into the booth and accept the headphones and agree to follow instructions.  The test starts and I hear a tone and raise my hand.  Another tone. Another hand raise.  At one point I heard a tone that made me so dizzy I called out, “Oh MY GOD!  That tone made me so dizzy and nauseated.”  The audiologist asked me over the speaker, “Are you ok?”  I responded, “Yes, it was just that tone that affected me.  It happens a lot.”  Then, I thought to myself how weird that was and said to her, “Was I not supposed to say that?”  She said, “No.  You were absolutely supposed to tell me that.”  So, we continued the test to its end.

After the audiologist I immediately saw the Doctor.  He asked me about the tone.  I explained to him some of my symptoms including, the response I had to that tone and to certain other tones and even my own voice affecting me so seriously.  He was very intent on the results of the audiologist’s test results.  The doctor was asking me questions about the rest of my body and whether I had other dizzy “spells” or did I feel my balance was good.  “No.  It has not been for YEARS.  I stumble, and trip, and loose my balance and fall to one side or the other.”  I can drive just fine.  I have become very capable of managing my dizziness while driving.  When I chew the sound is intense.  When I hear the sounds of emergency vehicles coming closer I have to put my hands over my ears.  Because, the sound actually hurts as well, as making me dizzy.  The Doctor explained that my symptoms could be indicative of either Meniere’s Disease or “something else.”  He wanted me to have a CT Scan of my “Orbits”.  I was familiar with Meunier’s Disease.  But, nothing else that has these same symptoms.

His office arranged the CT Scan and I attended.  I lay on the narrow table with my head tilted slightly back.  Trying not to move.  Kind of hard when you have ADD and restless body syndrome.  Even swallowing was to be kept to a minimum.  It took about 15 minutes and I was done.  I left not yet, knowing what was or was not found.

About four or five days later weekend included, the Doctor contacted me.  He received the results of the CT Scan.  He said it found that I have Superior Semi-Circular Dehiscence Disease. also, know as SSCD.  What the F!?!!?!!? is SSCD?  He explained to me it means that there are holes in my skull.  TWO HOLES IN MY HEAD!!!!!! WTF??!?????!? 

He explained that the CT Scan showed that bone is missing from part of the skull and bones of the ear structure above the Superior Semi-Circular Canal.  MyheartisracingandmybloodispoundinginmyearsandIamshakingandconfusedandstartingtoFREAKTHEFUCKOUT!!!!!

When he started going over my symptoms and the common symptoms of SSCD it was clear to me, as well, that this diagnosis made perfect sense.  The symptoms typically are as follows:

“***vertigo and oscillopsia (the apparent motion of objects that are known to be stationary) evoked by loud noises and/or by maneuvers that change middle-ear or intracranial pressure (such as coughing, sneezing, or straining). Auditory manifestations of the syndrome include autophony (increased resonance of one’s own voice), hypersensitivity to bone-conducted sounds, and an apparent conductive hearing loss revealed on audiometry. Some patients have exclusively vestibular symptoms and signs; some have both auditory and vestibular manifestations; and still other patients have exclusively auditory complaints.***” AND

I have developed nystagmus and become quite unbalanced, confused, unable to focus, or read (for about 7 years now), loss of brain function leading to inability to find the right word or make complete and often incomprehensible sentences.  Some people can hear their heartbeat loudly inside their ears, or the sound of every foot-fall.  Some even hear their eyes moving!  I hear my breath.  Every breath. All the time.  I have become use to these symptoms.  It has been going on so long I have learned to ignore or accept as normal these sounds within my daily life.  I have loss of hearing. And Tinnitus.

There was a time many years ago when I noticed I was losing the ability to find and speak the correct word.  It was more than it being, “on the tip of my tongue.”  It was running round inside my brain and no matter how fast or hard I chased it I could not catch up to it.  I could see the word or phrase but, was unable to grab and hold it.  Funny or let’s be honest, weirdly, I can describe the peripherals of the idea or word or phrase I want to speak.  The most recent and evident episode was my inability to find the word “Sasquatch”.  I was able to describe “hairy, human-like creature that lives in the woods or in the cold, but, no one has ever actually seen one.”  One of my friends was able to finally give me the word I was looking for.  “Sasquatch!  YES, THAT’S IT!”  I nearly cried.

Because, of these symptoms I went to my primary physician and told her I was afraid I was exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.  We talked about what I thought were my symptoms.  Then, she drew a circle on a piece of white paper and a dot in the middle.  No numbers or dashes showing the hours.  She handed me the paper and asked me to create the hands of a clock showing the time of 10:25.  I drew the short hand pointing to the hour of ten and then, I drew the long minute-hand at 25.  She took back the paper and said somewhat reassuringly and emphatically to me, “You do NOT have Alzheimer’s.”  I thought that was an incredibly and far too easy test to be able to diagnose that I do NOT have Alzheimer’s Disease. So, I asked her to explain it to me.  She told me, “People with Alzheimer’s lose the ability to correctly place the hands of the clock.  Their spatial sense of the world has changed and they simply cannot correctly draw straight lines, nor place them correctly in correlation to the circle and the dot and the loss of knowing where the numbers go.”  I was so relieved I cried.  I realized, as I often do, I had been holding my breath throughout this episode and only exhaled when she said, “do not have.”  It was liberating and weird because, I was still at a loss to find the correct word to put into the spoken sentence or phrase when in conversation.

Why we both went no further with that I do not recall.  Maybe we just attributed it to my having one femur longer than the other.  Which ultimately turned out to be a proprioception problem revealing the femur’s were nearly exactly the same length.  Weird.  I told you I get all the weird medical problems.  Since 2005 I believed I needed to have a one-inch lift installed onto the sole of every left shoe I bought.  That was incredibly expensive.  I left feeling much better.  But, the symptoms only got worse with the addition of the rest of the vestibular problems.  This was finally determined to be a proprioception problem.  A WHAT!?!?!??  Never heard that word before.  Actually, nearly zero of my friends had a clue.  It felt quite strange to tell people what I thought I needed for a decade I only thought I needed.  But, did not.  Though, after a life-time of walking badly and incorrectly I developed scoliosis.  Weird.

I have been completely FREAKED OUT about the concept that I will require  two BRAIN SURGERIES!

I talked by phone with my oldest sister the other day.  I told her about this new diagnosis of SSCD which, I had never before knew existed.  She exclaimed to me, “You get THEE weirdest things.  I wonder why?”  Yeah.  Me, too.

Just when I think one mole in the game has been smacked down another pops its head up in another place or sometimes in the same place.  It is a game I cannot win.  But, I keep playing.

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