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Proportional War is an Oxymoron

Palestinian’s argue that Israel’s response to Hamas Terrorist Organization’s incessant bombings is unequal. Palestinian/Gaza/Hamas/Islam(PHIG) Jihad argue that because few people have been killed by their daily rocket attacks just as few people should be killed in retaliation. This is a … Continue reading


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Is the “Arab Spring” the Big Bang?

The sound of the term “Arab Spring” carries such a hopeful feeling. While I do not know who coined this phrase I do hope the uprising in Tunisia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria and others shows a move toward moderation and … Continue reading

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Helen Thomas Surprising Anti-Israel Comments

I have admired and mostly agreed with reporter, Helen Thomas, points and points of view. On Israel we do not agree. When asked about Israel today she said, “They should go home.” When asked, “Where?” She responded, “Poland, Germany, the … Continue reading

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