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Oct. 1, 2013 Appointment

Well, I had my six-week post treatment check-up.  I found out that I have another bladder infection.  One more prescription.  As my niece said, “You just can’t catch a break down there.”  Yup.  Remember:  80% CURE rate. Ok, saw Chemo … Continue reading


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Timing: Good or Bad?

I was reading an email from my Rabbi regarding this very subject.  It hit me hard.  It hit because, I have always believed I have bad timing or luck, as it were.  Rabbi says even in the timing there is … Continue reading

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Second Round of Chemo or TMI Coming Your Way

This is graphic.  Read it at your own risk.  There is totally too much information.  But, how else am I supposed to share this experience with you?  If I sugar coat things you will not have a true sense of … Continue reading

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I Hooked Up this Morning

Yes.  I hooked-up this morning.  It is a 21st Century definition of hooked-up.  Just not the one that refers to finding a willing and active sexual partner.  That would have been far more god-damn fun! Saturday I offered him the … Continue reading

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Email Exchange Between Me & L

Emails redacted to protect the guilty. From: L And what about meds for pain, etc.? Have docs talked about that? It is accepted that healing is better without pain…you shouldn’t have to suffer with that also…(imo – in my opinion … Continue reading

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