Taking an Indoor Bird Out

Major success with my bird, Koa, OUT of doors!!  Over a year ago I bought this bird harness called the “Aviator”.  The first time I put it on her she was sure it was attacking her and fought back.  Hard.

After that I could not get her anywhere near it.  She would see it and freak the frack out.  I have been slowly getting it closer and closer to her or her to it.  A couple of weeks ago I actually got it on her.  Left it on and fought with her a bit (no ‘e’).  Just stayed in the kitchen. (Vinyl is easier to clean bird poop out of than is carpet.)

Today was just too nice not to try it again.  So, I did.  And she did.  She fought again.  But, I was determined to get her outside once in a while.  So, today I just kept at it.  It worked!  We got outside!

She kept trying to chew, a-hem, BITE through the strap.  It is a seat belt mesh.  For really little birds.  I finally figured out if each time she tried to bite at it I created a very intense highly focused “earth”quake she would have to pay more attention to staying on my finger rather than, risk hurting herself.

Score for me!  It worked.  Each time she went after the strap I created a micro quake just for her.  I am soooo evil >^} mwoooo-ha-ha (as I twirl the end of my albeit fake, handlebar mustache.)  She had to use her claws AND her beak to keep upright.

We made it all the way around the block!!!

She had this odd look in her eyes.  I couldn’t tell whether she was excited and curious about being out side, feeling the sun on her wings, and listening to the birds, dogs, and people in the park or if she was just this side of completely showing me just how angry she was with me.  I think it was the former.  Mostly because, she did not shit on me.  That is usually my best indicator of how angry or upset she is with me.  Ok, that and having her upper beak go through my thumbnail or other equally painful part of my hand.


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