Tea Party = Anarchy

I was reading a Facebook page today. Apparently, this particular reasonably intelligent woman has decided to let loose of her faculties. This once bright woman has chosen to give her critical thinking capability a complete break. She has embraced the Tea Party. This means she has embraced Pariah Failin’.

The more I know about Pariah Failin’ the more I realize all you need in this world is a good set of boobs and a small waist. No brain required. Even her helium roughed squeal of a voice doesn’t seem to detract from her weird popularity.

How did I come to the realization that the Tea Party is really promoting anarchy? Simple. They espouse the same ideal: that each person is responsible for themselves. Like we should leave BP alone to let them clean up their own terrible oil spill. The right and best way. LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL. Sorry. But, really that is laughable.

I see no evidence that people can honestly expect everyone else, especially, this BP to be responsible for themselves. The truth is they WERE left to their own devices and Look what they have done. They have RUINED a HUGE part of our planet. It matters not were it for a week or a month or a year… They have RUINED our waters.

Back to Tea Party = Anarchy. The Tea Party espouses the ideal that government is bad and there is too much of it. Especially, when that government is trying to put restrictions on them. Then, of course, when something goes wrong exactly because there was little to no rational oversight, Tea Party/Anarchists want, nay, EXPECT the government they hate so deeply to rescue them.

Point in fact, Bobby Jindal. He, a member of this hated Government, campaigned for a smaller government. Stated that we peoples of the USA should have less government and that is bad. Except when “he” becomes that very government. Except when something threatens or brings harm to his part of the world that the individuals of a Tea Party mentality cannot fix the problem themselves. This is when the Tea Party/Anarchists could have risen to their rhetoric exercising their convictions that they do not need nor want the ‘government’ meddling in their business.

So, what does one of the biggest promoter of the Tea Party/Anarchy ideal do at the first moment of difficulty? CALLS FOR GOVERNMENT HELP!

Well, of course he did. Because, individuals without cooperation get nothing done. It is neither sad nor bad that our human psychology and the realities of life prevent individuals from doing everything all the time for themselves.

Another point in fact from my experience. In 1996 Wasilla, Alaska, truly, the Big Lake Fire devastated huge areas of forest. There were and still are many who prefer to live in the margins, some due to their distrust of government, whose uninsured homes in every phase of construction were destroyed. Some called it the Miller’s Reach fire. Either way it was a natural disaster. However, many of those anti-government citizens were angry that FEMA was not reacting to their need quicker. They built their homes without insuring them, hating the corporations, and government for any number of things. In any case it was amazing how quickly these anti-government folk again, expected the hated-government to rescue them.

[Aside: The fire was out maybe four-days when Ariel was able to attend Girl Scout Camp in that same area. It smelled wonderfully of burnt wood. The drive from our home in Anchorage was normal. Until, we got to Wasilla and could see and smell the burned and charred, trees turned largely into full-standing charcoal totems. It was a great opportunity for us all to appreciate nature at its best and most frightening.]

Any family with children knows that it is the Mommy God (my phrase) and the Daddy God. Which, I will expound upon at a later date. (Darn, I wish there were footnotes in this program.) become the government of the home. The parent must set the rules. Without boundaries children do bad things to themselves and others. Someone has to set the rules and parents, as government, must provide for them, and teach them.

Government hopefully (granted not perfect) follows that function. Autonomy is great. We are still individuals. Free to do as we please. Within boundaries and without purposely or negligently causing undue harm to one another.

No person, relationship, or government is perfect. But, we, as a working democratic society, do what we can to make things better for the majority the minority and those that have no voice. Not to mention raising the status quo.

For all you Tea Party/Anarchists the next time you want water to drink or to flush your stink filled toilet, try to remember why it is you have those amenities so easily and commonly available to you.

Just in case you cannot figure it out; it is the very ‘Government’ you decry that put those and so many other things in place and do their best to keep them in good repair. That would be your taxes, your government at work.

But, taxation is a rant for another day.


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