Rules of Smoothies

1st rule of smoothies:  While orange peel is good for you too much orange peel leaves a bitter taste in the smoothie.

2nd Rule:  Freeze fruit first.  Then, you don’t have to add ice later.

3rd Rule:  Avocado in a smoothie?  NO F-ing Way.  Tried it once in a place in Newport.  Not myself, my (then) husband, son,or the oh so, vegetarian daughter could stand it.  Blech.

4th Rule:  Do not allow bird on counter unsupervised around fresh fruit.  Before you know it she will have gotten into banana and cantaloupe (so far as I can tell I stopped her before going any further).

5th Rule:  Smoothies always taste better COLD!

6th Rule:  Use Coconut Milk. NOT Coconut Juice.  They are very different.  The first is rich the second just overly sweet.

7th Rule:  Do NOT buy  more fruit than you can cut, store, or blend in a couple of days.

8th Rule:  Spell it right.  No one wants to eat S-Moth-ies.  Smoothies can be delicious.

I just have to keep at it to find the 9th rule:  Which smoothie that would be (delish).


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1 Response to Rules of Smoothies

  1. Karen says:

    Peel banana, wrap tightly in foil, then freeeze. Less burn that way.

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